Game and Sports Activities

Game and Sports Activities

Games & Sports

Team-work decides the effort and multiplies the effect. Games & Sports are very important in any educational institution for mental and physical development of the student of any age group.

Games and Sports keep one physically and mentally fit, and keep away from diseases. Games and Sports have plenty of advantages. Games and Sports develop a spirit of self confidence, discipline, justice and patriotism. "Health is wealth" . A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. One can develop and maintain a healthy body by actively participating in Games and Sports. Games keep our body active, youthful and energetic. Games and Sports provide us with recreation and enjoyment. Sports men receive preference in jobs. Sports bring fame and reputation. Participation in Game and Sports will improve the overall health of the nation and its Citizens.

Game and Activities

➢ Exposure Tour
Every year the college provides an opportunity for an educational tour. Students comings from different parts of the state get a good chance to see the neighboring states.

➢ Sports Activities
Apart from regular routine academic course, the college provides full activities of games and sports for girls and boys.
The college arranges a four days socially useful productive work and community services camp.It is helpful in increasing brother hood among students.

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